Blue Collar Warlock

Background: You’re not a fancy mage or big wig wizard like some people tuned into the mystical world. You’re a lesser caster; a hedge wizard, an occultist, a dabbler. However, what you give up in mystical power, you gain in ties to the mundane. Unlike other mages, you’re not disconnected from the mundane; from the streets, from urban life, from modern society.

Most Blue Collar Warlocks come from poor or middle class backgrounds, or otherwise lack access to the resources (or perhaps drive) that would have given them a more in-depth arcane education. They also tend to rely on guile and trickery (some would say cheating); a Blue Collar Warlock is much more likely to win the day through brains, bullshit, and fighting dirty than with overt mystical might. Many Blue Collar Warlocks are also adrenaline junkies, or like to thumb their nose at authority.

Ability Scores: Intelligence is your primary ability score; you can’t be clever without a good Intelligence score, and it powers your spellcraft. Charisma is your secondary ability score; it helps you attack in tricky and unexpected ways, and helps you create and exploit opportunities opened up by your magic. Wisdom is your tertiary ability score; staying alert in the thick of combat helps to keep you alive.

Role: Controller/Striker. You bridge the gap between the two roles; you’re more resilient and melee-capable than a Controller, but you don’t have quite the damage output of a Striker. You also have a tiny handful of Leader abilities, but you would need to acquire synergistic Multiclass and/or Power Swap abilities to truly fill that role in a secondary capacity.

Subtype Keywords: Human, Magic, Spellcaster, Brawler, Artifact User, Pistoleer

Class Skills: Acrobatics, Arcana, Athletics, Bluff, Contacts, Diplomacy, Insight, Intimidate, Medicine, Perception, Sleight Of Hand, Social Sciences, Stealth, Streetwise, Topical

Possible Skill Functions: Int-linked Perception, Technology only for ‘normal’ technology, Cha-linked Sleight Of Hand

Base Statistics

  • +2 to any two ability scores
  • +2 GD
  • +1 Reflex
  • +1 Will
  • Wisdom-based GD (Dodge)
  • 10 + Wisdom score Base HP
  • 5 HP/Level
  • 6 + Wisdom modifier Healing Surges/Adventure
  • Avoidance-based HP, Guts-based Bloodied HP

Blue Collar Warlock Lore, Progression, And Destiny
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Blue Collar Warlock

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