Blue Collar Warlock Trait Powers

Exploit Loophole
Blue Collar Warlock Trait Power
Oh, the wonderful things you can do when dealing with something that has to follow rules that you don't....
EncounterTraining, Intellect, Visual
Minor ActionPersonal
Effect: Choose one creature within 5 squares of you that has the Spirit or Pactbound keyword. Make an Arcana check to determine that creature's resistances and vulnerabilities. On a success, your attacks ignore the creature's resistances until the end of the scene.

Sleight Of Spell
Blue Collar Warlock Trait Power
A little mystical trickery lets you hide more than you normally could.
At-WillMagic, Spell, Transmutation
Minor ActionMelee 1
Target: One object of 5 lb. or less that you are holding
Effect: You change the target object into a small token (typically a ring), or change a token back into the object. You can only have one such object transformed at a time. If the object leaves your person, it returns to its original form.

Bloody Touch
Blue Collar Warlock Trait Power
You draw upon the basics of blood magic to empower the blood of yourself or an ally.
DailyMagic, Spell, Vitality
Standard ActionMelee 1
Target: You or one ally
Effect: The target can spend a Vitality healing surge. If the target has Vitality hit points, they heal additional hit points equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Otherworldly Bargain
Blue Collar Warlock Trait Power
In a moment of poor judgement, you struck a pact with a mystical spirit. Whether it's malicious by nature or just out to get you specifically, it refuses to allow you to bring pain without feeling pain yourself.
EncounterMagic, Spell, Spirit World, Bio-Energy, Pain
Free ActionPersonal
Trigger: You roll damage and dislike the result.
Effect: You reroll any number of damage dice and must use the second result. You then take Bio-Energy damage equal to twice your level.

Improvisational Arcana
Blue Collar Warlock Trait Power
As you perform one of your subtle spells, you intersperse made-up words and improvise components, using odds and ends at hand.
DailyMagic, Intellect
Free ActionPersonal
Trigger: You are performing an extended power of one-half your level or lower.
Effect: You expend only half the extended power's resource cost (any foci or other additional costs must still be paid). You can also make a Bluff check in place of any skill check the extended power requires.

Blue Collar Warlock Trait Powers

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