Background: You are a vampire of Dracula’s brood. However, you do not merely serve the interests of The Lord Of Vampires; you worship him. You are a member of The House Of Dracul, a vampire religion that worships Dracula as the vampire messiah, sent from the dark realm in which your spirit originates to set you all free from the mental bondage of the Great Kings Of Terror. Your faith in Dracula is so great that you have manifested holy powers like holy men of human religions; mixing your faith with the innate blood and shadow magicks that lurk in your frame.

As the Pax Transylvania establishes Dracula as an ally of humanity (through the common enemy of The Kings), you serve your master’s will by working in partnership with The Company. However, you will never forget who you truly serve.

Ability Scores: Charisma is your primary ability score; your force of will allows you to forge your faith into psychic abilities, and fuels your vampiric abilities rather than your physical form. Strength and Dexterity are both secondary ability scores for you, representing the innate advantages of your vampiric body, as well as the psychological boost your psychic abilities receive from the confidence of physical power. Generally, Strength reinforces your Controller aspects while Dexterity grants you Leader aspects.

Role: Striker. You operate as a short-to-mid range damage dealer with your psychic powers, closing in to melee only to steal vital essence or unleash close burst attacks. You lack a lot of the mobility of a Free-Willed Vampire, but are a little more self-sufficient. You also lean more heavily towards Controller than a Free-Willed Vampire, with a stronger ability to impose status effects, and you can acquire some Leader abilities if you choose.

Subtype Keywords: Former Human, Undead, Vampiric, Supernatural Evil, Magic, Natural Weapon User, True Faith (Dracula), Psychic, Shadow, Holy Symbol User

Class Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Endurance, Insight, Intimidate, Perception, Sleight Of Hand, Social Studies, Stealth, Streetwise, Topical

Possible Skill Functions: Charisma-linked Endurance, Science only for human anatomy

Base Statistics

  • +2 to Charisma, +2 to any other ability score
  • +2 to any two of the following skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Diplomacy, Perception
  • +2 GD
  • +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex
  • Dexterity-based GD (Dodge)
  • 12 + Strength score Base HP
  • 4 HP/Level
  • 2 + Strength modifier Healing Surges/Adventure
  • Vitality/Guts based Hit Points

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