In the Galactic Core, a supermassive black hole helps give the Milky Way its shape, spin, and rotation. The density of this black hole is so intense, that matter getting drawn into it forms into its own massive, dense, superheated structure; an accretion disk, which is so massive and so hot that new stars are formed within it.

Here, in this inhospitable region, among superheated energy and plasma and sitting on the verge of oblivion itself, an alien race known as the Kheldians were born.

Born of solar plasma and the energy of existence itself, The Kheldians began as brightly burning candles destined to snuff themselves out. With a natural lifespan of ten years and a home region being drawn into a black hole, Kheldians did not seem destined for a long and glorious civilization.

However, some Kheldians did not accept this fate. Using their energy forms to travel at luminal speeds and manipulate relativity, Kheldian explorers ventured forth, encountering their closest neighbors; The Mefnanim, a cephalopod-like species that lived inside a gas giant plagued by lightning storms who floated along gas currents and updrafts. The Kheldians then discovered that they could merge with the Mefnanim, granting their host the ability to draw upon the cosmic forces that the Kheldians were comprised of. The Kheldians also discovered that while inhabiting a host body, they did not age, allowing them to extend their otherwise short lifespan.

This relationship was an extremely beneficial one, and with the help of the Kheldians’ help the Mefnanim flourished. The hybrid species expanded far beyond the reach either would have had on their own, creating a small empire, colonizing many nearby star systems.

However, it would not last. The Mefnanim were one of the species who fell in the pathway of The Great Kings Of Terror, as the horrors marched across the Milky Way. When the Mefnanim civilization fell, the Kheldians fled into the depths of space to escape the Kings.

The Kheldians then discovered another innate ability; they had retained a ‘molecular memory’ of their host body, able to transform into an energy construct form of the Mefnanim. Using this ability to mass shift while in transit, they achieved superluminal velocities, able to travel even greater distances.

The Kheldians then encountered another species many many light years from the furthest Mefnanim outpost; the dense Kurukt, large crustacean-like aliens who developed mild gravitational manipulation abilities in response to the intense conditions of their homeworld, a dense planetoid in orbit around a neutron star. Again, the symbiosis proved to be extremely beneficial for both parties, and the Kurukt spread far beyond their native environment with the help of the Kheldians.

However, once again, The Great Kings Of Terror came. It seemed that no species was safe from their insatiable hunger as they marched across the galaxy. The Kheldians stood with the Kurukt as long as they could, but in the end, that civilization also fell to the Kings, and what remained of the Kheldians fled even deeper into space.

Using their higher-mass Kurukt forms, as well as the Kurukt gravity manipulation, the Kheldians went farther and faster than ever before, finding their way to Earth.

The Kheldians are determined to prevent any more species falling to the might of the Kings. They have begun fusing with and allying with humans, working to prepare ahead of time; using the precious few decades available before the Kings’ predicted planetfall.


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