Vampiric Husk

Background: Not all vampires are created equal. There is a spectrum of vampiric abilities, and different individuals have different levels of mastery over their various powers; energy drain, shapeshifting, blood extraction, physical prowess, and perhaps most importantly, mind control.

You are an undisputed master over that final power, and you would argue that you are superior for it. You possess abilities far beyond the dominating gaze typical to intelligent vampires, and instead possess full-fledged telepathic abilities. Your psychic powers are so vast, they are barely contained within your body; your undead spirit brims with psychic energy, barely tethered to your withered, decaying husk of a physical form.

Because of your psychic powers, you find yourself freed of the influence of The Great Kings Of Terror. While you have your own goals to pursue, you recognize that the coming of the Kings would mean an end to them. Therefore, it is in your best interest to throw your lot in with the focal point of the planet’s defenses against the Kings; Vampire Hunter$ Inc.

Ability Scores: Charisma is your primary ability score. Your psychic presence and force of personality fuels all of your primary abilities and defenses. Intelligence and Wisdom are both secondary ability scores for you; depending on the ability in question, you might be better served with cunning intuition or raw brainpower.

Role: Defender. Despite the seeming frailty of your physical body, your semi-discorporated state allows you to absorb a surprising amount of physical punishment. You are also skilled in using your mind control abilities to keep your opponents focused on you, wasting their time trying to damage you (a laughable affair) instead of your allies.With your many telepathic abilities, you lean towards Controller as a secondary role.

Subtype Keywords: Former Human, Magic, Vampiric, Undead, Supernatural Evil, Possessor, Psychic, Bound Energy (Shadow), Bound Energy (Mental), Shadow, Mental

Class Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Insight, Intimidate, Perception, Social Studies, Topical

Possible Skill Functions: Charisma-linked physical skills (individually), Science only for psychic phenomenon, Arcana only for vampiric lore, Contacts only for targets you could have dominated

Base Statistics

  • +2 Charisma; +2 Intelligence or Wisdom
  • +4 GD
  • +2 Fortitude
  • +1 Reflex
  • Charisma-based GD (Telekinesis Shield)
  • 17 + Charisma score Base HP
  • 6 HP/Level
  • 4 + Charisma modifier Healing Surges/Adventure
  • Guts-based Hit Points

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Vampiric Husk

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