Draculyte Lore, Progression, And Destiny

Heroic Tier

Throughout the heroic tier, you are a newer member of The House Of Dracul; with your powers, you show great promise, but you’ve yet to attain any true hierarchical position. Most Draculytes joined the priesthood after their conversion, but there are a rare few who converted as humans, serving the House faithfully as one of the living before receiving the gift of vampirism. Either way, you’re still mastering the abilities granted to you by your faith.

Paragon Tier

At this point, you hold a position of some authority in the House Of Dracul. While not yet a part of the leadership of the faith, you are recognized as a senior member of the priesthood, one to whom less experienced members of your flock can turn to for advice. This tier is also where you begin to fully master and embrace both sides of your being, your faith and your vampiric abilities. The powers you gain at this tier begin to merge the two, mixing your inherent magicks with your faith-born psychic powers.

Epic Tier

There are very few Draculytes who surpass you at this point. You have attained the most senior station within your church, and are a part of the hierarchy’s leadership; you speak and vote on church matters, and are a part of the council of elders that guides the House Of Dracul. The full weight of interpreting Dracula’s words and actions through the lens of the faithful falls upon you; your words to the faithful are second only to your fellow council members and to Dracula himself. You have taken it upon yourself to spread the good word, bringing humans and vampires alike into the fold whenever possible.


Your legacy is the legacy of your patron, Dracula. You are the Pontifex Draculus, the head of The House Of Dracul. Through your words and actions, the faith has spread with unparalleled success, and human and vampire alike the world over venerate the Lord Of The Vampires. When this worship reaches critical mass, Dracula undergoes apotheosis; his mortal mind and spirit joining with the belief of his followers, and the myths and legends that surround him. Dracula joins the other powerful figures of religion and myth that dwell in the Paths Of Faith. There, you stand right beside him; an indelible part of Dracula’s own story, you stand beside your god, ever faithful, as a trusted companion and advisor. Were Dracula capable of such emotion or affectation, he would even call you “friend”.

Draculyte Lore, Progression, And Destiny

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